overtraining question

  1. overtraining question

    ive been training bodyparts once a week except for arms wich seem to be lagging so ive been trying to do them twice. i train bis and tris on saturday and do a short bi work out on tuesday with back and a short tri on monday with shoulders. My question is if my tris or bis are still sore on monday and tuesday from my saturday workout should i do them

  2. if they are sore, never train them!!!!!!!. In 10 months you gained 50lbs? How?

  3. massive eating usual supplements and a couple m1t cycles

  4. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    if they are sore, never train them!!!!!!!. In 10 months you gained 50lbs? How?
    It can be done, I did it. Pretty much naturally too

  5. only the last eight pounds came while taking m1t, it can be done train hard eat alot

  6. Same, I ran one cycle of m1t, and one of m5, 1,4ad, and 4ad, and I actually got better results off them then on.

  7. ya me too i lost weight when i came off the m1t and increased body fat, it sucked havent done anything since and have had much better results without them. there slower results but they last and i dont get the body fat increase as much.


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