ok, here we go the other way. quick recap - starting cutting with bobo in january. lost 18 pounds in 4 months (170lbs to 152). though still far from ripped i can see my abs moving under there for the first time ever.

ended the cutting last thursday. friday, sat, sun were pure gluttony. had my brother's graduation and my mom's birthday. ate non-stop and drank way too much. monday weighed in at 159!!!

i know i didn't gain 7 pounds of fat in three days so i didn't sweat the gain. it is just the bloat i get after drinking. amazing what alcohol does to your body. i wish it was good for you. i'd be one healthy bastard .

began the bulking on tuesday. gave it a few days to stabilize before my first real weigh in. today i am at 156.5lbs. so up a total of 4.5 since the end of the cut. not attributing this to muscle growth, just from having so much food in me all the time.