Hey Everyone/BoBo

  1. Hey Everyone/BoBo

    Hello all, Im new to this site(found it through fast400) anyways ive been reading about your work BoBo and im very impressed. im thinking of ordering one of your plans once you start accepting new clients again.this is going to be my ultimate challange since ive been chunky all of my life. i always worried more about size and strengh than being lean. Well that has changed and now i wish to get ripped. diet is very hard for me as i always liked to pig out on junk. but during a bulking cycle i did pretty good except for those cheat days. anyway i should be a good challenge for you since i have a crazy work schedule(i drive a truck up to 14 hours a day without a break really) and i dont have a set schedule to be in at work. my times range from 3 am to 8 am depends on how busy we are. so time and diet are my biggest problems with getting into a healthy routine to cut down this fat.
    here are my stats
    bf% n/a but i would guess between20-25%
    so do you think you would be able to help?
    I have a pic i can email you that was taken 10 weeks ago before a bulk cycle i did.

  2. BigMatt,

    I can help you out. I should be accepting new clients soon.
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