My Shoulder: Part 2

  1. My Shoulder: Part 2

    Here's the original thread:
    What did I do to my shoulder?

    So it's been a little over 3 months now that I haven't trained. I think I'm fully recovered - atleast the major part of the injury. I don't feel any pain or discomfort no matter which way I move my arm/shoulder around. And I've been lifting things here and there just to get a feel for it.. I think I'm ready to go back to the gym.

    But. At the same time I did whatever I did (I think I had Bercitus, but my Primary never gave me a whatdoyacallit to go see a specialist), I also had some discomfort at the very top of my shoulder. I only feel this discomfort when I do a shrug. If I push down on the very top of the bone on my sjoulder, closest to my neck, it feels a little sore. What could that be?

  2. I have a unique injury, eh?

  3. Well. I just got home from the gym and it looks like I'm okay. It's been four months since I've lifted a weight.. I did a tiny little bit of everything.. Barbell bench press, incline, dumbell bench press, incline, military press, dumbell presses and dips... Everything felt good.. I just hope I feel the same tomorrow.

  4. Cool deal man, im glad your shoulder is not aggrivating you anymore, just keep it light and warm up properly before doing shoulders and chest exercises, you need to get the blood in the muscles and lubricated.

  5. I reccomend you ice your shoulder every day after working out. I had a shoulder problem as well, everytime I would do dips, I got a really bad pain in my shoulder. I stopped working out for a week, did stretches for my shoulders every day, and iced it for 20mins a day. It was just what my shoulders needed. It has been 4 months since, and the shoulders feels great.



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