IRserge's Contest prep

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by HobbesAB
    Post #69 (meathead's post)

    PSMF = Protein Sparing Modified Fast

    An extremely low carb, low fat, low calories diet. You take enough protein in retain muscle mass and keep carbs and fat as low as humanly possible

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  2. Dan, you are right that I do have a job and I also go to school commuting 2 hours to NYC and back everyday. I work as a food runner in a restaurant so I'm bringing dinner out to families all night, I only work on weekends. Honestly, it isn't that I fit bodybuilding into my life but I make it my priority. The meals are fairly small, especially when you are eating the amount of calories I am so it's easy to carry around and wolf it down real quick. Dont be discouraged to sign up with Bobo, I guarantee you will be happy with the results no matter what program you choose.

  3. ^thanks man

    i am on the verge of doing it but i just wouldnt want to sign up and not be able to keep up with meals, and ruin the program.....that wouldnt be fair to bobo.

    if the meals are relativley small i might be able to work with eating them between classes and whatnot, but if its alot of food theres really no way.

    im not as much discouraged to sign up, its just i want to get all my sh*t together before i end up wasting his time.

    thanks again for the reply.

  4. Well if you have any questions or doubts you can always e-mail him to be positive you can do it before you sign up.

  5. have u gained any mass on this programme, or have gotten any noticable strength gains?

    i havent lifted in about 4-5 weeks and i feel a bit smaller, and was wondering if i should 'bulk' for 2 weeks or just go head and sign up and cut.

    scince i am young, and up in the 20% bf range, i should put on a lb or two of lean mass right?

  6. Since I'm dieting for a bodybuilding competition no, I haven't gained much muscle on this program. I might have in the early stages of the diet and training but my main focus right now is to hold on to the muscle I have put on in the offseason. If you are in the 20%bf range I would seriously consider leaning out to at least 12% before trying to gain lean mass and try to stay as lean as possible while putting on muscle. As soon as you start noticing fat gain, make some dietary or cardio adjustments to bring yourself back down, Bobo will do this all for you as you report your progress to him week by week.

  7. 2 weeks out

    168.5 @ aproximatley 6.6%bf this morning. I woke up very tired and to muster up all the motivation I had to get dressed and do my hour of cardio at the gym. I've been feeling very tired for the past week or 2 and I baked a bunch of cake and cupcakes last night to alleviate some cravings. Yes, I bake when I'm bored or have cravings.

  8. and you aren't going crazy to eat them... or taste the batter?

  9. update?? It's coming down to it soon right?

  10. damn! I just went to order and it says that it cannot find the page. I hope that hes still accepting clients......god i hope.

  11. Being fixed.
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  12. awesome.....cant wait

    i sent u an email about it....just ignore it

  13. Correction, fixed.
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  14. purchase made

  15. Email sent a while ago.
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  16. Wow... it's amazing how you pretty much consistently lost 1-2 lbs with barely any stalling! Going through a rough period right now on my plan =/

  17. He stalled. He increased calories and had to take a break for about 4 weeks which means he increased calories a bit and didn't work out as much. You can't go that long dieting straight without you're body quitting on you and as Serge will tell you, you never plan a contest when you are over 20% bf.

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  18. Unless you want your body and mind to break down on you, lol. OOO, i also figured if i put on 2lbs a month for the next 3 years I'll weight 257

  19. ur still competing right?

    If so, then ur only 1 day out.....good luck.

  20. NO, didn't you compete today in Patterson? How did that go? Finances permitting, I will go to the contest in Tribecca. Good luck and I hope all went well.

  21. I ended up deciding to not compete when I was 2 weeks out. At that point I had been training 7 days a week and sometimes multiple times a day, Dieting, and commuting to NY 4 days a week for school and working. At that point my body could just not handle that amount of stress anymore and decided that this was just not my year. I'm going to take time off from competing until I graduate college so I can focus on getting my CRJ degree and putting on some solid muscle while I'm at it. I plan to be back on stage in 3-4 years. I should be EXTREMELY motivated by then to compete.

  22. Its a good thing you didn't compete. Dieting for that long, losing thaat much weight and doing it all "natural" is one hell of a feat. The people you were competing against are nowhere NEAR natrural. Its more than I've ever done in terms of transformation. You NEED a long break. I think you know now that if you want to compete you should be somewhat lean to begin with. All in all I am still amzed at how much discipline Serge has and quite freankly it makes my job REAL easy when you tell aguy to do something and he ALWAYS does it. Thats why I always say competitors are the easiest people in the world to train. You can tell them to do backflips if they think it would help them win.

    Great job Serge.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    You can tell them to do backflips if they think it would help them win.
    haha, that's so true. Yes, I have to work on figuring out how to stay lean during this long break since I tend to gain both fat and muscle easily. Thanks for the props Bobo, but you were the one that laid it all out. Following your diet actually wasn't bad, I really enjoyed the food

  24. sound like u did one hell of a job.

    great job to the both of u.

    now post some pics!

  25. Unfortunatley I don't have any. I'm not a fan of take progress pictures, I hate looking at them and I get really self concious.

  26. Congrats my man! What you did was no small task.

  27. Great work contest or no contest, your results keep me motivated to stay on my diet.

  28. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it.

  29. Hell yeah, Serge. Excellent job. You should chill for a few weeks, and then start bulking with Bobo. He'd help you stay lean while you pack on the LBM, and you'd have a much easier time getting to contest shape next time.

    Congrats, bro

  30. Seems like you made a smart decision and a very mature one at that. Concentrate on what's important now (school, work, fam.) and you can always return to competing. I hate to bug you, but after following the whole thread, if you could post up any pics that you could take, it'd be great! Can only imagine what you look like being at near contest condition! Thanks any way even if you don't, it would have been nice to meet you at Tribecca. If your ever in JC, NJ or Bayonne, NJ....let me know, we can work out together for a day! Take care Serge!


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