IRserge's Contest prep

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  1. YGPM.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by IRserge
    Day 9 (4/25/05)

    Arnold Press: 60x7, 500x4 dropset 40x4, 40x7

    Man!!! That second set must have been AWESOME!!!

  3. haha see what happens when you sign up with Bobo?

  4. Day 10 (4/26/05)

    Big Back

    Seated cable rows: 150x10, 160x10, 170x10

    V-bar pulldowns: 130x10, 150x10, 150x10

    Lat pulldown: 120x8, 130x8, 150x8

    BB row: 135x10, 145x10, 145x10

    T-bar: 225x10, 135x10, 135x10

  5. Day 12 (4/28/05)

    Trh's n' Abs

    Pushdowns: 65x10, 70x10, 70x10

    Overhead BB ext.: 75x8, 85x8, 95x8

    Skullcrushers: 65x10, 65x10, 70x10

    Rope Pushdown: 40x12, 40x12 dropset 25x12

    Cable crunch: 130x12, 140x12, 140x12, 130x12

    My triceps weren't recovering in time so i switched it with my bicep day.

  6. Day 13 (4/29/05)


    Leg extension: 160x10, 160x10, 180x10, 180x10

    Squats: 245x12, 255x12, 265x12, 275x12

    Walking Lunges: 60x10 (each leg), 60x10, 60x10, 100x10

    Leg press: 910x8, 910x8, 930x8, 960x8

    This workout completley kicked my ass, i had a wierd pain above my right knee during extensions but i just worked through it, everything else was right on, I always love the way lunges make my legs feel. I better get the motorized scooter ready lol.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by IRserge
    Day 10 (4/26/05)

    Big Back

    Seated cable rows: 150x10, 160x10, 170x10

    V-bar pulldowns: 130x10, 150x10, 150x10

    Lat pulldown: 120x8, 130x8, 150x8

    BB row: 135x10, 145x10, 145x10

    T-bar: 225x10, 135x10, 135x10

    You mean 125??

  8. no 225, i started the first set like that but could barely finish it so i just dropped a plate

  9. Second week is over, I weighed in at 211.2 this morning. 2.8lb loss from last weeks 214. Vascularity in my forarms and biceps is starting to come out when i train.

  10. Weighed myself yesterday (5/8/05) at 209.25. another 1.95 pounds lost.

  11. Ill be updating on a weekly basis from now on just checking in and writing about my progress because I don't have the time to put up the daily log anymore unless someone requests it. But so far everything has been going great, the program has exceeded my expectations, im down to 209 from a starting bodyweight of 224 in only 3 1/2 weeks and im down 2 notches in my belt. Thanks Bobo, you da man!

  12. I'm 207 on the dot as of this Sunday. I lost another 2.25lbs since last Sunday and im still getting stronger and have energy in the gym. My training and diet this week was flawless, except monday when i did chest my energy just wasnt there, but the rest of the week was full of energy and focus. My brother has been saying my waist has gotten smaller and the rest of my body still seems to be retaining its fullness although I do feel deflated at times. With the way things are going so far I'm very very satisfied with the program and Bobo's service and hope to bring home the gold twice in November. I would also like to add in I have not cheated or even thought about cheating once since the start of this program, nor have i missed a meal or workout.

  13. Just goes to show you, the more you stick to the plan, the better your results will be!

    Congratz Serge, just keep going
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  14. 204.25 Today down from 207 last week, 2.75 more lbs lost, thats 20lbs since the beginning 6 weeks ago. Diet is flawless, training is good but energy really fluctuates day to day.

  15. One week and 1.25lbs later I weigh 203. I started taking creatine this week and it's helping with the workouts. Ever since finals and school finish my workouts have been picking up and my weights are actually climbing. I also took the liberty of having my first scheduled "cheat meal" today which I've been wanting even before I started the diet, I had 8 spicy salmon rolls, they were pretty small, topped off with wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce, I was lovin it.

  16. At the end of the 8th week and I'm at 201.75, another 1.25lbs lost this week. This diet is great I've been in it for 8 weeks and it doesnt even feel like im dieting, this far into my contest diet last year I was like a walking zombie, I like Bobo's approach much better. Training and diet has been . Oh and i can see my top 4 abs starting to take shape when I flex really hard.

  17. No weight change this week. After sticking with the same diet for 9 weeks i was actually really impressed that i was consistently dropping weight. But now it's finally time for my first tweak. Weights are still climbing in some exersizes, nothing else too significant to report, everything has just been going really well. One odd thing i noticed though is that its easier for me to wake up for morning cardio than it is to wake up for breakfast, and i wake up an hour earlier for cardio.

  18. Week 10 (22 weeks out)

    199.25 this morning, 2.5lbs down. Ever since Bobo cut my calories my strength is on the climb again, go figure. Training this week started out rough with chest and back but tri's, legs, bi's, delts and calves were great. I couldn't have been happier with the effort i put fourth. I have to stop constantly checkin my condition in the mirror, it's driving me ****ing nuts.

  19. Ill try to get some pics up soon, I've just been real busy lately.

  20. You are doing very well. I'm certain that Bobo appreciates the fact that you stick to the plan. It is extremely hard (if not impossible) to guide someone who doesn't stick to the plan. good job

  21. Thanks man, I've been busting ass with the plan, the way I look at it is why would I hire someone to help if I wasn't going to take their advice? Especially since I wanna win those 2 shows so bad and hopefully be able to get a sponser out of it.

  22. Week 11 (21 weeks out)

    WHAT A WEEK! I think this might have been the slowest week ever, training was strong and diet was solid, I forgot to weigh myself before cardio on Sunday but got my bodyfat measured on Saturday morning at 15.4% (4 point caliper test). With 21 weeks to go thats not too shabby. Like i said I forgot to weight myself and i dont want to assume anything but with the pattern of weightloss my body has been displaying I would guess im down to 196.5lbs.

    Hey Bobo, am I right on track?

  23. Week 12 (20 weeks out)

    Sunday morning weigh in. 195.75. I've lost 3.5 lbs in the past to weeks and it shows. I just got a new job after getting fired for no apparent reason from my other one. I am now a food runner at a Charlie Brown's restaurant. It's a damn physical job too where we have to be moving fast as hell for many hours a day with people's dinner stacked on our arms. Other than that no new news. I'll be back next week to tell you guys whats up.

  24. Week 13 (19 weeks out)

    193.75 on Sunday morning. This weeks was good overall, strength has either stayed the same or is even dropping in some exercizes. It's hard to tell since my strength is fructuation from week to week. I'm also starting to get tired, my energy in the gym is really good but i just feel tired when I'm around the house or at work or running errands and whatnot. Well see what this week brings.


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