For those thinking about using Bobo's services, read this!

  1. For those thinking about using Bobo's services, read this!

    I just wanted too share my experiences so far for those who are on the bubble and are trying too decide whether too use Bobo's services or not. Let me just say, invest in your body, its the best $300 dollars you'll ever spend. Yes, its alot of money but how many of us would easily drop that on supps at the supplement store and in the end, dont finish those bottles of supps or dont see much change. I am not writing this too rip supps, but they arent the foundation in building a better body. Is there a place for supps in this world? Yes, but a proper nutritional program and a solid workout will get you much farther. Bobo does not require anyone too take any supps, just certain vitamins and minerals. If u insist on taking some while on his program, I think he will work them in but I think he prefers too see how far he can take u without them.

    Ive been on Bobos program for a little less then 4 weeks, almost halfway there. The deluxe weight loss program is a 8 week program but in my eyes, it will be a lifetime program. Sure, I could go back too eating the way I was before starting this program on feb. 27th, but then I can exspect too balloon back up too a unhealthy 247 pounds. Not that I wont make some changes of my own, but throughout this program, Ive learned what my body needs and when it needs it. Not too say this is the only way too do it, but it covers all the basics. Ive learned where the peaks and lows are and I can make adjustments in the future too keep the weight off and build muscle. So in other words, 8 weeks is only the preseason so too speak. Ive made chages that are going too stick and be a stable in my life for years too come.

    Now, for the results so far. Let me give u a run down of myself, I am 30 years old, I am about six ft. tall and I am very solid. At 247, I was very solid and had people tell me I was crazy when I told them I weighed that much. I hid it well. Ive tried every type of yo-yo diet there was and was never able too accomplish anything. Not that other diets dont work, but they werent for me. I am a advid softball player and basketball player and I saw a decline in play last summer that I was not happy with. Its very embarrising when u cant keep up with the younger guys running up and down the court or cant beat out a grounder too deep short that u should easily make close at first but are thrown out by three ft. Its also embarrissing when there are guys 60-64 yr olds beating u up and down the court. I also am a father of 4 and I decided that I needed too be a example for my children and live a more healthy life. Your habits will rub off on your children. Well, I suppose, your tired of me ranting and want too hear my results so far. I am proud too say today that I weighed in at 231.6! Thats 15 pounds lighter then I was on Feb 27th when I started. All I can say is wow! do I look all that diffrent, no, but its only been four weeks and I believe the fat will continue too drop. People say they can really see it in my face and today for the first time I was able too put on a pair of pants one size smaller then usual. They werent exactly lose but comfortable. That too me is sign of improvement. Also, my strength is climbing in the gym. Let me say if you have a ego when it comes too hitting the weights in the gym, u better get over it because bobo will have u doing less and getting more results from his program. I am up almost 15-30 pounds on all my lifts since I started his program. Some are better then others but that is flat out amazing and I am not taking any supps other then what he has recomended.

    Take this for what u will but I feel like a new man, my confidence is there and I am not scared about failure anymore. This program too me is more then just dropping weight or building a better body, its about life and finishing something I started.

  2. Wow.. I just signed up with Bobo for the same plan. While I'm eagerly waiting for my plan to be ready, you just made me feel even better about my decision. I am personal friends with ke0ki on this board who just completed the muscle building program, and I can attest to the fact that he also has made a fantastic transformation. Congrats on your progress so far!


  3. Good too here rat, it will be the best choice youve ever made if you are committed. It sounds easy, someone hands u a 8 week plan and tells u exactly what too do but in the end, its up too one person and that is yourself too succeed. And dont think u have too be a 100% compliant too see results. Ive faultered, Ive stumbled but Ive gotten back up on the horse and stuck with it. Not too say that trying too too be a 100% shouldnt be your goal, but there will be ups and downs. the first two weeks were hell too me, but I saw my greatest gains in the first two weeks and now its getting easier and easier. A way of life so too speak. I use too beat myself up when I failed, now when I screw up, Bobo and the rest of the gang is there too push me on.

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