Question about your training services

  1. Question about your training services

    Hi Bobo,

    I recently emailed FLA inquiring about training services. Are you the only person who does these programs or is a bunch of different people. Basically, I want the service if it is you based on what I have researched on your forum. I am your typical guy who workout's faithfully and gotten some minor gains but can't lose my belly.


  2. I design them. I have a few people who help with other functions but as far as the plans are concerned, its all me.
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  3. Good, I guess you have a new client then. I will reply to the email that I was sent.

  4. Well, just signed up tonight. Looking forward to getting started!

  5. best money u ever spent, but as i am learning it takes hard work and dedication.

  6. Starting today, just had breakfast. I will do a log with pics of progress. I will take some tomorrow morning when I get up. Also will measure waist, arms, chest and do bodyfat %.

  7. good luck, the first week was the hardest for me. Its funny, after eating all this bla food for two weeks, when I hit my cheat meal on sat. nights, my stomach doesnt like it.


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