Okay I made it but now it's time to buckle down..

  1. Okay I made it but now it's time to buckle down..

    Okay I am PSYCHED about making FSU's team but now I really want to take it to that next level and be a freak next year. I ran a tenth of a second faster than the second fastest kid at the tryout out of 50 kids in the agility test (we didnt do a 40). Thats a huge margin and I was happy to be number 1.

    But I want to bring my weight back up by about 5 lbs. That is no problem, I got that part of it down adn I have learned enough now that I can gain and lose weight as needed. My strength is coming up nice and im repping out 225 easier and easier every week.

    The question I am asking right now though is what kind of supplementation can I take to keep my test levels high and for me to be anabolic as possible? I don't care what it is but I am gonna spend any amount of money to stay top of my game and hold weight and be a beast. I was thinking of:

    magnesium, zinc at night

    I am already taking all of these minus dhea which i am still learning a lil bit about.

  2. Well I just found out DHEA is banned so that is out of question. Other interesting points on bans.

    Caffeine is illegal when urine levels exceed 15 micrograms/mL (anyone want to chime in on how much this really is equal to consuming?)

    For testosterone- illegal if the administration of test or the use of any other manipulation has the result of increasing the ratio of the total concentration of testosterone to that epistestosterone in the urine to greater than 6:1, unless there is evidence that this ratio is due to a physiological or pathological condition (DOES THIS MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS?!?!)

  3. Just ask the guys on the team, I know more than half of them are probably using illegal gear. I know at my school they were when I played.

    Congrats on making the team BTW!!

  4. Epitest is an isomer of test. There is an enzyme that converts test to it. So, the theory is that since there is only a certain amount of the enzyme, once extragenous test is introduced, the body will have converted as much epi as it can w/ the normal enzyme levels, so the ratio will go up.

    But, there have been plenty of cases where guys naturally had ratios above 6. Or that extragenous test didn't increase the ratio above 6. So, it is a hit or miss test at best.

    Superdrol? There can't be a test out for it yet. (Could be soon though.....)

    Boldenone base may be good, not sure of the detection time, but it should increase RBC which is something good in football.

  5. Doping agents are tested in college, but the drug testing policy is stupid from what I have been around.

  6. congratulations on making the team! go noles!!!


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