Pre-Tryout Mix

  1. Pre-Tryout Mix

    Okay well my last tryout for Florida State football is the 28th of Feb. I have made it this far and they are going to take 15 of the last 40 of us. I am extremely excited to have made it even this far just because I am at a skill position (WR) and to be at FSU and get a shot at that kinda position is pretty prestigious. I found out the other day the two most needed positions (listed by two newspapers) are 1. WR and 2. DB which are both my positions so that might give me an edge.

    My question is what do you guys think I should take prior to the tryout to get maximum energy, strength, etc.

    I am definitely going to take some ALCAR, drink some green tea, and drink a lot of water. I am also getting a massage the day before or the day of to get really loose. I was curious if I should take some Xenadrine 8 hour that I have. Really good for energy. What do you guys recommend? I have clen but I dont want to take it in fear of a drug test that day or the next and same with ephedra.

  2. If you have made it that far, I wouldn't take anything out of the ordinary. Playing WR isn't gonna be good if you are to jittery from the thing to took to even catch the ball. Stay with what is working, but if you do try something else... make it mild where you might or might not feel the effects of it.

  3. Okay. We wont be doing as much catching to tell you the truth. They are mainly concnerned with vertical, 3 cone drill, and 40 yd dash.

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