Placing my self in Bobo's Hell err Hands 2-20-2005

  1. Placing my self in Bobo's Hell err Hands 2-20-2005

    I will be starting Bobo's deluxe muscle building plan 2-20, and decided to keep a weekly update here incase anyone is interested. I will be posting some pics and initial stats after going grocery shopping Bobo style tomorrow.

  2. Sounds good. I'm sure that Bobo will treat you right. I have an update currently going in the members section although I only update one-two times per week.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BOHICA
    Bobo style
    Sounds like a new sex position.

  4. I start tomorrow, just got done cooking my meals for the week. Anyway here are my current stats... I measured, they should be pretty close to accurate, but not perfect.

    Arms: 16.5
    Chest: 46
    Quads: 26.5
    Calves: 16

    Here are some starting pics. I have eaten horrible and not lifting this past week, waiting to start this. So I look and feel pretty crappy right now. Can't wait to it hit tomorrow though.
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  5. Looking goob man. Will you be using any supps?

  6. Nope, I might run some Satur8 pre-workout, but that is about it besides the usual vitamins and minerals.

  7. Today is my off day, but the past 2 days the workouts have been great. Nothing like working out with 135 again on incline bench press lol. My arms chest and back are pretty sore... with arms being the sorest, and I haven't even done an official arm workout yet. Since today is my off day I was gonna sleep late and miss my first class... yah forget that. I farted in bed it smelled so bad I had to wake up leave the room so now its off to class I go.

  8. lookin jacked already bud. looking forward to the log. i feel you on the incline bench... your lifts will go up bigtime in 3-4 weeks though so dont get discouraged.

  9. Those leg workouts are NOOO JOKE!! ... Today was leg day, and let me tell you I lost it. Half way through my squats it all came back up!! I was able to get 4 sets of 265 though ATG. Most I have done in a long long time. Since high school. I haven't puked in a workout since freshman year college track. Brought back memories lol. Took about a 15 minute breather and was then able to finish everything else just fine... My legs were already sore from taking a 15 minute break before I even got to the lunges and leg press lol. Can't wait for tomorrow.

  10. Some measurements tonight a week since I started. Had my gf do them so they could be more accurate.
    Arms: 16.9 +.4
    Chest: 46.5 +.5
    Quads: 26 (I can see the divisions though so I know it was fat)
    Calves: 16.5 +.5

    I can visibly notice the size change in my arms and calves already.

  11. Bobo:


    Results: Priceless

    looking forward to the progress bro

  12. sooo bohica how's it going?
    also, what exactly does bobo do for you? tell you how to eat right, workout program...?
    I'm just wondering what exactly I will learn if I sign up with him.

  13. Bohica caught a nice stomach bug that has impeded his progress. He should be back on track in a couple days.
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  14. I'm getting the meals down today, but still no gym. Gonna try and hit it hardcore tomorrow. He basically does everything that he can do besides force down the food and drive you to the gym. Tells you exactly what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat. What exercises to do what days how to do them how slow/fast to do them, what vitamins and minerals to take. What days you get off and when exactly to have meals pre post workout. ITs a wonderful program, that if followed will return results. Every week he goes off how you feel/look/weigh and changes the diet as/if needed. Wonderful service, and something that you could use many years down the road when you find yourself at a plateau.

  15. These measurements were taken Saturday night in the middle of my stomach bug, but still wanna post every Saturday sick or not.

    Arms: 16.75
    Chest 46.6
    Quads: 26.5
    Calves: 16

    I hit the gym today and everything felt good, including meals. Looks like I'm back ready to work

  16. Damn...Thats not bad at all. I lost half inch on my arms when I got sick. They looked like limp noodles.
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  17. thanks, I will prob get bobo's program over the summer so i can devote all my time to his program.
    keep up the great work bohica!

  18. Here are some pics today on my off day. I didn't take them this weekend cuz of the stomach bug. I think I look smaller on my chest cuz of the bug.
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  19. What's shakin'? I'm curious to see how you're making out. I am going to try to make my tax return go toward Bobo's program.

  20. I'm on spring break right now, I wll be home tomorrow and will post a long post with measurements and wha tnot.

  21. Apparently my metabolism is fast enough to eat my meal before I even finish swallowing it. Bobo has just sent me my 4th diet change to keep me gaining lol. I am back home from Spring Break, and will be posting some measurements and pics tonight hopefully. I will post my new weight, but it will be off since I'm switching from the broken scale at the gym to my new scale at home.

    For beo,
    if you want to eat the same foods day in and day out choose Bobo,
    if you wnat to look like a sissy in the gym because of the weight decrease choose Bobo,
    BUT... if you want the best body you have ever been able to achieve, where you can see yourself visibly changing day in and day out.... choose BOBO

  22. Damn metabolism....

    Measurements are up though so thats good, but I want more weight added as well.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    Measurements are up though so thats good, but I want more weight added as well.
    As do I

    At least it shouldn't be that hard to write me out a cutting program in a couple of months!! lol

  24. I could do that for you in my sleep.
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    I could do that for you in my sleep.
    I smell discount then lol

  26. You are a client already. There are always discounts
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  27. Up 4 pounds in little under a week and a half. Finally got the diet tweaked right, and now it's time to pack it on!!!!

  28. Bohica, you are not "on" right now, are you?

  29. on what? bobo's diet? yes other than that I'm on nothing.

  30. 4 lbs in one week in crazy. Were you depleted going into it?

  31. it was about a week and a half I got 4 pounds, but most guys who stick with their diet perfect are getting around 3-4 pounds a week of muscle. I just now got my diet going though to where its enough food for me to gain, so it should start going good now!!

  32. Much of the gains when you see the 2-4lb increase is the increase of whole foods most people consume. Also is you have any sort of break from lifting you wioll also drop a couple lbs's due to decreased glycogen stores.

    1lb/week is the range you eventually look for once you get into the groove of things.
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  33. I was pretty much sick the whole week and weekend of Easter with a sinus infection and some sort of crazy nasty stomach bug. This week I was able to get back on track with the diet and working out. It has been a totally horrible week, it's thats time of the year where school work drags me down and keeps me busy 18 hours a day it feels like. I have had to start working out around 6-7AM to be able to get it in. My diet has been around 85% this week, which I feel is a really good accomplishment as hectic this week has been. Next week should be back to normal, so I will get back on track and get some measurements and weight end of next week.

  34. I officially ended Bobo's program Saturday April 30th. From the day I started my measurements have all increased. Will post exact numbers and pictures when I get some time this week (probably Thursday after 2 of my finals). I am 4 pounds heavier, but I can now see my obliques and veins/straitions in my shoulder/chest region. It was a great program, if only I wasn't sick for 2 of the weeks and hurt my ankle the last week of it it would have been even better. Overall, I am glad I spent the money and it was put to good use. Thanks Bobo I have gotten compliments in the gym and just around in classes about the added size and lack of bloat. (By compliments I mean things like this "Damn dude you got huge.... What are you on?" Lol I take that as a compliment. Anyway more updates wtih final pics and measurements later this week

  35. Where are the pics!??!!

  36. I'm waiting for my girlfriend to get back in town with my camera. She went on vacation last week to Disney World then back home for a couple days. When she gets back up here I will take some pics. Keep your pants on


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