Placing my self in Bobo's Hell err Hands 2-20-2005

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  1. You are a client already. There are always discounts
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  2. Up 4 pounds in little under a week and a half. Finally got the diet tweaked right, and now it's time to pack it on!!!!

  3. Bohica, you are not "on" right now, are you?

  4. on what? bobo's diet? yes other than that I'm on nothing.

  5. 4 lbs in one week in crazy. Were you depleted going into it?

  6. it was about a week and a half I got 4 pounds, but most guys who stick with their diet perfect are getting around 3-4 pounds a week of muscle. I just now got my diet going though to where its enough food for me to gain, so it should start going good now!!

  7. Much of the gains when you see the 2-4lb increase is the increase of whole foods most people consume. Also is you have any sort of break from lifting you wioll also drop a couple lbs's due to decreased glycogen stores.

    1lb/week is the range you eventually look for once you get into the groove of things.
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  8. I was pretty much sick the whole week and weekend of Easter with a sinus infection and some sort of crazy nasty stomach bug. This week I was able to get back on track with the diet and working out. It has been a totally horrible week, it's thats time of the year where school work drags me down and keeps me busy 18 hours a day it feels like. I have had to start working out around 6-7AM to be able to get it in. My diet has been around 85% this week, which I feel is a really good accomplishment as hectic this week has been. Next week should be back to normal, so I will get back on track and get some measurements and weight end of next week.

  9. I officially ended Bobo's program Saturday April 30th. From the day I started my measurements have all increased. Will post exact numbers and pictures when I get some time this week (probably Thursday after 2 of my finals). I am 4 pounds heavier, but I can now see my obliques and veins/straitions in my shoulder/chest region. It was a great program, if only I wasn't sick for 2 of the weeks and hurt my ankle the last week of it it would have been even better. Overall, I am glad I spent the money and it was put to good use. Thanks Bobo I have gotten compliments in the gym and just around in classes about the added size and lack of bloat. (By compliments I mean things like this "Damn dude you got huge.... What are you on?" Lol I take that as a compliment. Anyway more updates wtih final pics and measurements later this week

  10. Where are the pics!??!!

  11. I'm waiting for my girlfriend to get back in town with my camera. She went on vacation last week to Disney World then back home for a couple days. When she gets back up here I will take some pics. Keep your pants on


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