Caffeine & Carbs

  1. Caffeine & Carbs

    hi All,

    i can't remember where i read this but i remember an article saying that while using caffeine your body releases or prefers the use of free fatty acids as it's energy source & actually spares glycogen to be used at another time....................obviou sly when NOT using caffeine.

    if this is the case then it would seem to me that if someone was using caffeine (common now since the ephedra ban) then it would be best used in conjunction with a low carb diet.

    it also seems to me that limiting carbs even pre & post w/o would be more benficial as well in favor of fats.

    please don't think that this is my opinion. i'm just trying to recollect something i read & would like Bobo's (or Someone who knows) opinion.

    i'm also talking about cutting & maintenance.

    Bobo or Anyone could you please help me out with some info on this.

    thanks, Jag

  2. this is not the article i was referring to but it does mention about the use of FFA for fuel while using caffeine.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jag
    this is not the article i was referring to but it does mention about the use of FFA for fuel while using caffeine.

    It says in that article that it causes an increase in adrenaline in the bloodstream. I thought adrenaline was a catabolic hormone? If so that can't be good.

  4. You're right on about the caffeine. It has been shown in several studies to spare (maybe not to a GREAT degree) muscle glycogen during exercise. That doesn't mean it would work any better in conjunction with a low-carb diet. Ever heard the phrase "fats burn in a CHO-flame"? Low-CHO diets work well to a point, but for all the wrong reasons...but then again, I have been known by many as Mr. Anti-Low Carb

  5. It´sd true ,a pharmaconcern did a study on cyclers and found out,that those,not using caffein,are chanceless against equals using it.

    It´s the dose again-if u eat so many carbs,that your body will release slin,the fat-oxidation of fatty acids will be blunted,but keeping BC at normal level (5grams of free cicrculating Glucose in your blood) will only be benificial to work capacity.

    I´ve used caffein with yohimbin with great success.It´s a true burner,better than amphetamines or those alike.

    It´s not as harsh on your resting puls and thus keeping your endurance up,which is as good as gone with phets.



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