New Client as of today

  1. New Client as of today

    Hello bobo, well as of today im going to sign up for your muscle building or program. i just hope that i can get the results that you say you can get someone. i wanted to know how does your muscle building program work? how much could i gain with you? thanks

  2. As much as your level of commitment, discipline, hard work, and genetics will allow.

  3. I vouched for the program last night, for a couple of reasons. 1) I didn't know the best method to achieve my current goal. 2) I figured anything and everything I learn, I can use for many years down the road in my own training and others training routines. Those 2 things in my mind was well worth spending the money on instead of supplements that dont increase my knowledge at all, just my size.

  4. Good luck with it BOHICA. I am currently on my second week of that program, and have a log started in his clients section.

  5. well anyone here that has tried this program, what are the average gains? but gains with out supplements?



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