REALLY bad instant headache during a heavy lift..

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Rictor33
    I recently joined the club.... I thought it was from E-MAX LMG which has given me really bad sides (prostate/nosebleed), but maybe it's from pushing myself too hard... Right before climax during sex or while doing either squats or bench I get a splitting headache in the back of my head.. I have been pounding hawthorne berry and aspirin thinking it's a BP issue.. Whatever it is... I hope it goes away. And FAST..
    You need to take a week off of all lifting. Its just going to hurt whenever you lift and you'll aggravate it. Sometimes people even need to take 2 weeks off from this.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Rictor33
    I have been pounding and thinking it's a BP issue.. .
    HEY! What did I do?

    Not that I would kiss and tell ....

    Recent log:

  3. I just threw up in my mouth a little...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    Most ppl experience heart attacks while sitting on the toilet straining out a bowel movement. Not pretty, but same principles apply to lifting heavy weights I suppose.
    I beleive that. I've squeezed so hard that my back has cracked

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD View Post
    Okay this has only happened to me in the last two weeks out of the 3 years I have been lifting but I was doing leg press with a good amount of weight (bout 650) and on the last rep of me pressing pretty hard I suddenly got an EXTREMELY bad headache that seemed to be focused more on one certain spot on my head the most and it throbbed really bad. Last week when it happened it scared the **** out of me because I could just see myself having an anyeurism right there lol. But it happened again this week and it happened a lot easier (I was doing less weight this week and wasn't pushing nearly as hard as the week before). Anyone ever had this happen? Both times I quit my workout early.
    I had this happen to me and it turned out after cat scans and other exams it was a pulled muscle in my upper neck which led to extreme headaches which often caused me to stop my workouts. The doc told me that every time I did a heavy set the muscle would spasm, causing the headaches.I had to ease up for about a month (especially on chest days) and eventually the muscle healed itself. The first time it happened I thought I was going to die it was so painful, it felt like something in my brain burst.

  6. Ok sounds like a mix of a few things. This is what im experiencing.

    I take my Liquid masterdrol / Green bulge and NO Shotgun. Head to the gym. Been stacking this for a month (Finihsing masterdrol cycle). I started jump roping. Once i hit a 100 jumps i felt like i got smacked in the head with a dumbell. It was an instant stabbing pain with throbbing on my left temple. It hurt so bad it went through my jaw and made my teeth ache. My whole left side of my head went numb from hurting so bad. I had to stop my work out for about 30 minutes just for the throbbing to stop long enough to continue working out. Scared the crap out of me, thought i did something bad. Well it turns into an all day headache after that (tolerable). Well since that happened i hit the gym 2 other times. 2nd time it hit me during the jump rope again and third time (Today) it hit me doing pull ups. Anybody got an idea? Its in the same exact spot each time (Left temple) extremly painful.

    Thanks for any info.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by diminuendo View Post
    I had this problem during squats and climax during sex (don't laugh) for about a month, and the first time it happened I thought I was having an aneurism. My girlfriend (she is finishing up medical school this semester) said it was a blood vessel in the sub-arachnoid layer of my brain dialating. Apparently the squats raise intercranial pressure (duuh) and oxytocin causes cranial blood vessel dialation (this was a year or so ago so don't quote me). They went away on their own. I don't have a remedy, but they are not dangerous if they are the same as mine; sudden onset, severe localized pain, fairly rapid passing...Dim

    I had both of these same exact problems...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gotripped View Post
    I had both of these same exact problems...
    What was your outcome?

  9. It eventually went away when I stopped taking Stims and Juicy Juice.

    I believe it may have been high blood pressure... as sex and lifting both caused it. ESP. During climax. Sometimes slightly before...with great intense pain thereafter... almost to puking.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cable626 View Post
    wow, I've had this a few times during climax, its very localized, top right of the head i believe. It went away tho.
    Yup! I have had exactly the same thing before. It seems to be aggravated by sleep deprevation, just getting over a cold and dehydrated, or high blood pressure. I just noticed that at the times I did have it happen those were the things going on. Scared the **** out of me though I thought I had a clot in my brain!

    In all cases a little R & R made it go away

  11. i experienced this on several occasions. On one time, it was so bad i went to the ER... in that situation, i was on lots of ephedra and the high BP was causing it, but i have also had at absurd, instead onset headache that occured during some forced reps on heavy incline bench. Felt like something popped deep in my forehead. instant pain and it throbbed like a motha****a. stayed like that for 2 weeks. the guy that owns my gym has been in the trenches for 30 some years, and told me it was a popped vessell, but not to worry about it.... so i didnt, and i'm fine.

  12. Breath! Most likely its the blood vessel in the back of your head. I've had this happen when heavy lifting, proper breathing helped so my blood pressure didn't go so high. If I remember correctly its a common problem and not dangerous.

  13. Ive had this happen while dead lifting. It turned out to be a neck problem.

  14. I've had this happen twice. I figured out later that it was due to holding my breath while straining to get that last rep up.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by mass_builder View Post
    sam happens to me sometime, i think its high blood pressure.
    I think this may have some validity as well as how is your breathing?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by badbart View Post
    Breath! Most likely its the blood vessel in the back of your head. I've had this happen when heavy lifting, proper breathing helped so my blood pressure didn't go so high. If I remember correctly its a common problem and not dangerous.
    This has been my experience. Once I corrected my breathing I was ok - used to get 'em during squats and heavy leg presses.

  17. For those of you that wear a hat during your workout it may be the problem, or at least contributing.
    I finally found out that when I take my hat off while training the problem went away.

  18. So if you were holding your breath during a heavy lift, your BP goes through the roof and a blood vessel possibly ruptures in your head ?

  19. wow this explains alot this problem started like 3 days ago I thought it was the gym cuz I used to train in my garage but yeah its happened during squats, pull ups, incline, and during climax breathing has been able to decrease the pain next day in the gym gonna focus alot more on my breathing it really scared the ***t out of me


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