REALLY bad instant headache during a heavy lift..

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    Breath! Most likely its the blood vessel in the back of your head. I've had this happen when heavy lifting, proper breathing helped so my blood pressure didn't go so high. If I remember correctly its a common problem and not dangerous.
    This has been my experience. Once I corrected my breathing I was ok - used to get 'em during squats and heavy leg presses.

  2. For those of you that wear a hat during your workout it may be the problem, or at least contributing.
    I finally found out that when I take my hat off while training the problem went away.

  3. So if you were holding your breath during a heavy lift, your BP goes through the roof and a blood vessel possibly ruptures in your head ?

  4. wow this explains alot this problem started like 3 days ago I thought it was the gym cuz I used to train in my garage but yeah its happened during squats, pull ups, incline, and during climax breathing has been able to decrease the pain next day in the gym gonna focus alot more on my breathing it really scared the ***t out of me


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