for Bobo about cardio am

  1. About cardio in the AM

    Hello Bobo and everybody else

    Do you know if there is any studys or research on protein supplementation before low cardio in the morning that shows that protein stops or reduce muscle breakdown during morning cardio? vs cardio on empty stomac in the morning?

    The reson I ask is becourse we have a discusion about this on a european board
    and I belive in what you have said in the poll cardio on emty stomac on this forum and I have said the same as you but they are asking for research or else they think protein before cardio is the onlyway to lose fat...

    regards excalibur

  2. Any nutrient before cardio reduces catabolic activity (which in turn reduces fat loss). Cardio on an empty stomach is only recommended when intensity is low. Anything higher and you should consume some sort of nutrients.

    I do not know of any research that compares fat loss when intensity is low when either a protein drink is consumed or nothing at all. I don't really see a need to perform that study either. Catabolic activity will always be lower when a protein drink is consumed.
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