need a new leg routine

  1. need a new leg routine

    My wife and I are without a car for the time being and have been biking everywhere I avg about 40-60 miles a week much of it uphill and sometimes with a 60-75lb rucksack full of groceries needless to say this has impacted my leg training I was done after 5 sets of squats pyramiding up to 405 just doing triples normally I go up to 515 and the do accessory liftsbut this $hit is killing me
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  2. Hmm IMO the bike would be good for your legs...get them more cut...Idk what your goals are, but all I would say is increase your carbs especially before a leg workout. ...are you wanting a new routine idea?

  3. Yeah I eat tons of carbs really just looking for a new routine to deal with the fatigue I'm trying to bulk but all this involuntary cardios ****ing me up getting shredded eating upwards of 3500cal a day
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  4. My guess would keep it short and intense. Recovery in your legs will be compromised.

  5. Sip on 6-8g of bcaa, glutamine, and 40-50g of easily digested carb of your choice, with a small hint of salt(or even better some sort of mineral mix) for every started hour of biking. Although I have to say that your stamina is kinda low because 40 mile a day might make a big leg into a somewhat small(er) one if you dont adjust your diet, but 40/7~5.8 miles a day.. Baby please

  6. Yeah I was slacking on the cardio pretty hard but biking with a 60lb ruck sucks a$$

    Should be a lot easier with the new bike(new to me anyways) picked up a used Gary fisher tassajara for a steal
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