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  1. To keep things simple for you I would keep weight the same. Judge how many reps you are able to accomplish by how many you can do on the last set of that particular exercise. Once you can achieve your goal reps for all sets then up the weight and start again.

  2. ok i got it but than i will not get every set the max i can get from it i will get the goods in the last set

  3. I like push pull legs and full body workouts because for some reason whenever I do shoulder presses my back gets sore as ****. Always forces me to take an extra day off unless I decide to minimize recovery that day

  4. Yea, dont go to failure every set. You will hurt yourself.

    Good luck

  5. hi guy just have readen something recently about supercompensation that if u rest more than 72 hours from the last workout on the same muscle u will not get strengh and there willnot be supercompensation ,
    what i do is p/p/l/rest/repeat what mean that i have 96 hours rest from push a to push b that is too much for cause to supercompensation ,
    this is how its looking :


    so i am confused i dont like to change routine every month :S
    in the research and article people shouldnt rest too much but in the reality people do it and get alot of muscle ,
    but maybe i could get better ?
    please help !!

  6. Don't overcomplicate stuff man. Rest time all depends how intensely you lift and what volume you do.

    Just make a program that we have all discussed in this thread, and stick with it.

  7. i really dont want to overcomplicate stuff but in theory i will not be able to get muscle and strengh from 96 hours between push A to push B as u can see in the site i posted before ,
    as u know no one want to train and train and eat good but in reaility it isnt in the right way and no succesfull
    did u see the link i posted ? after 96 hours the strengh u got are losed

  8. Then stop reading it and lift.

    Dude, reading one website that has some cookie cutter hour countdown until your strength and gains are gone is ridiculous. Some people lift on one group a week and see results, including myself in the past. Stop confusing yourself. You will be far more informed in a trial and error of personal experience.

    If you think you resting too long for 3 days then you aren't lifting hard enough.

  9. ok man ty


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