What exercises can you not do??

  1. What exercises can you not do??

    Do to my arm surgery I cannot do the following exercises. Looking for ideas or alternates for these exercises. Anything that u are limited too

    Skull crushers
    Reverse grip latpull down
    Reverse grip bent over row

  2. need more info. what kinnd of injury we talking about here? was it with your arm? or your shoulder or elbow? did you do physical therapy? does it hurt or just have a limited rom? what motions make it hurt? and where does it hurt?

    unless you give us a little more depth, suggestions will just be a shot in the dark for you

  3. I broke my arm and have plates and screws put in. I am not able to rotate my left arm upwards.

    So I cannot flip my left hand to face palm up.

  4. ok easy

    wide grip or neutral pulls ups
    kickbacks, rope or v-bar tricep extensions, dumbell tricep extensions, close grip bench, dips
    normal wide grip pull down. but if you can do pullups, then you shouldnt need these anyways.
    (winner comin up) - pendlay rows. dumbell rows

  5. 1st and foremost how long ago was this surgery? Whats plated and screwed the humerus (bone) or tendons that may have been torn in the injury (Biceps tendon?). Did you do any PT? Alot of rehab exercises can be found online nowadays but you should def have the go ahead from someone else first, as once you hurt it doing something you shouldn't have your F'ed...Literally
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  6. If ya cannot flip over your hand still I feel like being in the gym setting period is ill advised as the atmosphere makes you want to do more than you should
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