4 Day PHAT Push/Pull/Legs Critique Please

  1. 4 Day PHAT Push/Pull/Legs Critique Please

    This is a little workout I've created to include the beneifts of PHAT trianing, combined with the Push/Pull/Legs routines. It works on a 8 day shchedule. It has a

    slighty greater focus on upper and middle back, as wel as rear delts because I find those areas to be lacking. On the Powe days I'll focus on pushing more weight,

    on the Hypetrophy days, I'll opt for the best form and ROM. Most of the exercises and reps schemes are borrowed from other workouts like PHUL and PHAT,

    therefore I don't claim to have designed anything by myself.

    1. Push power + Quad power

    a) Flat bench 4x3-5
    b) Incline DB 4x6-10
    c) Shoulder press 3x5-8
    d) Shoulder accessory 4x13

    e)Squat 4x3-5
    b)Leg press 4x6-10


    3. Pull power + Hams power
    a) Dead lift 4x3-5
    b) Barbel rows 4x3-5
    c) Pull ups 3x6-10 (close grip)
    d) One arm dumbbell rows 4x8-12
    e) Shrugs 4x10

    f)Leg curls4x6-10


    5. Push hypertrophy + Quad hypertrophy
    a) Incline barbel 3x8-12
    b) Chest flies 4x12 (flat)
    c) Triceps bench 3x6-10
    d) Shoulder press 3x6-12
    e) Triceps accessory 4x12

    f)Front squat 4x8-12
    g)Leg press 4x10-12


    7. Pull hypertrophy + Hams hypertrophy
    a) Pull ups
    b) Seated row
    c) Pullovers
    d) Face pulls
    e) Rear deltoid rises

    f)Sumo DL 4x10-12
    g)Leg curls 4x10-15


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