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  1. canned tuna > canned chicken. It at least looks normal lol

  2. 160lbs. rock on!

  3. so i have lost 10 pounds of fat in 2 months. i am really impressed with my progress. the next week everything will be out the window. it is my birthday on friday, and i tend to use the whole week as an excuse. going to the parents for 2 days, long car ride both ways, diet will be crap, then on my actual birthday anything goes. any tips for minimizing the damage?

    for those of you who think 10 pounds is not a lot, 1) it is when it is only fat, and 2) i was starting from a lower than average bodyfat, so it is harder for me to lose. the good side of that is that because i am so small, i small change makes a large difference visually.

  4. Congrats, and happy bday!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BOHICA
    Congrats, and happy bday!!!
    thanks man!

    so my first meal of "cheat week" was last night. i ate 3 of those pre-made burger patties (27 grams of fat each!!!!), a bunch of fries, half a box of girlscout cookies, 2 popsicles and chased it all down with 3 crown and cokes.

    several hours later i puked my ****ing toenails up. my body just said "nope, no go on this ****. not gonna do it." see what happens when you eat clean for 2 months, your body just rejects everything bad.

    the good news is that i have eaten a bunch of crap today and am doing much better

  6. i need this week as a mental break from the bobo plan. i have no guilt. next week i will assess the damage and start again.

  7. are you doing cardio bro?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 40 in 12
    are you doing cardio bro?
    today i will hit a full body workout,tomorrow cardio, friday is the b-day, sat back on the plan. eating good today as well.

  9. ok, ate garbage all weekend. drank all weekend too. festivities are now over. back on the plan!

  10. 161 this morning on the home scale, so my week off didn't **** me up too bad.

  11. had a slight slip last night. i am in the process of a complete suspension rebuild on my car (new rear shocks, shock mounts, rtabs, motor mounts, front struts, control arms, control arm bushings, brake rotors and pads, and tie-rods) and at 3am last night (have to be at work at 8) i had a bit of a meltdown. i was so shot out from working on the car for the past 12 hours (just yesterday, total time spend prob close to 30 hours so far) that i had to have two screwdrivers and a giant bowl of all-bran before bed.

    oh well, i needed the extra cals being up that late and working so hard. back on track today. one day at a time lord...

  12. oh yea, i am switching today (legs) with tomorrow (just cardio). all my joints hurt from the force of breaking loose so many rusted bolts. my elbows hust so bad i can't imagine even racking the weights for legs.

  13. 159lbs on home scale this morning

  14. Man, I just started thinking about going with Bobo so I started checking out the section. I have read you and Keoki so far and this **** is just amazing.

    BTW, you definitely win the funniest log ever award. Congrats on the progress. I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

  15. **** man, my end goal is to get to where keoki started!

    bobo is the ****, i will have him on retainer as long as he has clients.

  16. on another note, i went to a pilates class at the gym today. interesting experience:


  17. hey bobo: how much damage can a person do in one cheat meal?

    whatever the maximum is, i did it on saturday.

  18. Depends on the person but not much. Now make a day of if, and you can set yourself back quite a few days.
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  19. 158 on the home scale this morning.

    just got my next "tweak". it is starting to look kind of grim.

  20. yesterday i ate my pre-workout meal, and then got stuck at the office and didn't make it to the gym for several hours. after doing bi's and 30 minutes of cardio i had some kind of severe crash. i was nausiated, shaking, had a hard time driving home. won't let that happen again.

    was that a hypoglycemic episode?

  21. Sounds like it.
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  22. ok, this weekend was out the window. i was out of town for one of my best friend's birthday celibration. drank gallons of crown, ate non-stop crap. god it was wonderful...

  23. 157.5 lbs

  24. i'm hungry...

  25. Haha it seems like you cheat all the time and your still losing weight. Sounds awesome. After the rest of my cut I might have to hit up this mass building program. bobo you wouldn't mind if I threw in some 1-t/4-ad along with the program would you? Would probably make for some phenominal results.


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