Weight, Exercise Routine for Pregnancy?

  1. Question Weight, Exercise Routine for Pregnancy?

    My sister just found out the is pregnant, and in her eyes has just now really gotten back her figure from her last pregnancy. She was asking me if I knew about good maternity workouts just to keep her in shape so its not so hard after the little booger pops out. Any suggestions, or anything from people who have researched this before would be wonderful... Thanks!!

    She currently lifts weights/does body pump, about 2-3 times a week. She also has some problem with her legs; where if she works them out hard they tend to bruise up, and after the bruising heals there are broken capillaries in place of the bruise.

  2. Pregnant women shouldn't do anything they wouldn't normally do. If she's been doing a routine for a while, continue with it and maybe modify it, but DO NOT increase intensity.

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