Questions/Help With Phil Heath Lifting Routine

  1. Questions/Help With Phil Heath Lifting Routine

    Hey all, I hope I'm putting this in the correct forum, if not sorry. So I stared the Phil Heath routine on MucsleTechs website: LINK- (EDIT) I don't have enough posts to add the link, but if you google Phil Heath routine its the first thing that pops up.

    I have a few questions and concerns with it though. I've noticed a lack of barbell squats, ab work, and no decline work for chest. Now, the reason I'm wanting to do this is that I like how he ends each body part with 7 sets. I did chest/tri last night and just added in decline bench to it. No big deal, just surprised it wasn't on there. Another question is should I add barbell squats, or substitute them? Kind of strange not to squat, but maybe he has reasons behind it. Also, the lack of abs on off season, and pre contest. Is this list extremely incomplete or what? I want to add them in but don't know what day to put them on. Any suggestions? Also, anyone know Phil's ab routine? Thanks for any help given.

  2. I personally don't even do abs, and my abs are pretty apparent. What gives me abs is low bodyfat - abs are made in the kitchen.

    That routine is probably trying to sell Hany's fst 7 routine. Phil probably doesn't even do it. I'd recommend doing barbell squats as they are about the best leg exercise you could do, IMO. - my site

  3. Do you think the FST7 is just hype? It makes sense to me, what's your opinion?

  4. Sorry -double post

  5. Honestly it's never a good idea to run a routine the pros use because your not on the kinda drugs that they are on.

  6. Yeah I thought about that. What if I just used it as a guide kinda and tapered some of the stuff back? I think he puts some great lifts together, I just can't do as much as him obviously. Having trouble finding a routine I like.

  7. I've done fst7 before. I like doing it, it gave great pumps at the end of workout also it overloads ur muscles.

  8. FST7 is fun to do...but I don't buy the theory of it....only thing I like the pump at the end which makes it feel good.

    Personally I prefer intensity /quality...over quantity.....


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