Compression recovery units

  1. Compression recovery units

    Has anybody ever used compression recovery units?

    I know there are a few out there; revita pump, sport pump, recovery pump and normatec.

    Im wondering which one is best and if one would be worth buying?

  2. A good cool down after working out and some chryotherapy (like a contrast bath) should do the trick.

  3. Contrast baths speak volumes for the human body!
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  4. The basic idea behind the compression recovery units is to force fluid (which contain metabolic biproducts, inflammatory biochemicals, acids...toxins for lack of a better term) back into systemic circulation, allowing for the delivery of "fresh blood" and thus improving recovery. I will have to dig up the study, but there is some evidence to show the underarmor full body compression suit improved recovery following a D1 football game (or practice). This was done at UConn.

    Either way, a good light cardio cool down, foam rolling, and then a contrast bath will do the same thing, for a fraction of the monetary cost.

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