What is a HIIT programme

  1. What is a HIIT programme

    What is a HIIT programme

  2. High

    Everyone has a method they prefer. I usually do it for between 10 and 20 minutes in an elliptical or stationary bike with 30 seconds at high intensity and 30 seconds at regular intensity.

  3. Thanks so lik hill sprints intervals etc

  4. high intensity interval training. sprint 1 minute, walk 1 minute. rinse and repeat 5-7 times and done. theres a million different apps for it too.

    that was jsut an example. you can tweak the duration of run/walk or do run/jog or just do it on a bike or elliptical. running is the best method if youre already really lean

    theres also something called a HIT routine which is high intensity training. intensity and volume are inversely related, so think of it as lower reps for heavy weight type of training, aka strength training

  5. I usually have 5 stations I have set up that I do for 5 minutes each. With rest in between each station of about 45 sec to a minute and a half.

    Example station 1 power movements for every major muscle.

    Then sprints for station 2 on and off for 5 min

    Station 3 nothing but body weight exercises for 30 sec. Repeat till you hit 5 min.

    Station 4 back in the treadmill with an incline. 20 sec sprints 10 sec rest for 5 min.

    Station 5 Then I do bastardos with moderate weight as many times as possible for 5 minutes.

  6. Cheers dude sounds good! Ill give it a try, how many times a week u do these? And do u do steady state runs eg 10k 1 hr .... Etc on alternate days?

  7. I do that twice a week because its pretty intense. I could send you the full workout if you wanted. But beware you won't finish it the first time. And I also do steady state cardio twice a week when I'm not doing hiit. I usually only lift twice a week because I can't get slow and sluggish for my sport.

  8. Yeah ok that wud b cool! Thanks

  9. Alright just do it twice a week cause its a lot of wear on your body. Give me a little bit and ill send you the full workout later.

  10. Ok give me a few ill send you the full workout in a few hours. But you gotta let me know how you do the first time cause no one at my gym can do it. I almost passed out yesterday but I went full force and got it done.

  11. Yeah no worries, I'll integrate it into my training programme an try it Thursday as I jus dun some HIIT and have a steady state and weight training 2moz! Cheers dude


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