torn tricep? need suggestions

  1. torn tricep? need suggestions

    so 2 1/2 weeks ago during a deadlift i felt a pull in my left tricep ..dropped the weight nothing too drastic pain wise anyway..I can press even isolate the tricep itself and no pain what soever but soon as i pull, lat pulldowns deadlift etc, I just cant the pain is no longer able to do pullups so my back days suffer extremley bad..ive tried ice,heat,pressure,different palms,hot bath etc just does not seem to help, now it feels sore does not hurt all day ONLY when i pull or try to push myself out of bed...any suggestions on what else to do? I cant afford a 2200$ MRI thats ridiculous

  2. Is it extremely bruised? Blood clog? What does it look like?

    I recently had a torn bicep, and that's what it looked like. Rested for 3 months and went back and started feeling again, went to the doctor and he said unless there was severe inflammation it wasn't likely to be another tear, could be a strain.

    Stay out of the gym for a few weeks, ice it up and see how it feels later. Don't fight through the pain as it may further damage.
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  3. No bruising clot of any sort.

  4. Most likely not a tear then according to the doctor I saw (this was without any MRI), but seems as either way the treatment is the same; ice, slight compression (get a stretch bandage to wrap around, don't put it on too tight though) and rest. Give it about 3 weeks and see how it feels.
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  5. I've been out nearly 8 weeks with a partially torn bicep tendon. Didn't hurt unless I use the bicep. Been at physical therapy for the last three weeks. FRUSTRATING!!! There is typically nothing you can do for things like this other than rest. I was released to work out cautiously, but only on machines and low weights. No biceps yet. Ugh. Good luck. Get some good PT.

  6. I actually did no PT for mine, there was very little they could do on PT that would have helped me heal faster it seemed.
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