Where do your priorities lie?

  1. Where do your priorities lie?

    If you were left with a debilitating muscle disease that only allowed you to gain strength and mass on two muscles and you could only use one exercise on each muscle (hypothetically of course), then what muscles would you chose and what exercise would you use for each? Which do you think would be the best?

    Just trying to get a feel as to where everyone's priorities lie.

    For me:

    Shoulders- overhead press
    Hamstrings- RDL

    Both are vital in every day life and both are the bread and butter for their part of the body. Being able to train both of these muscles would make life a lot easier from a functional strength point of view as well, even though they may not look as aesthetically pleasing.

    Post your answers and opinions.

  2. Is this a serious thread??

  3. Masturbating/forearm training ................... HIT style , 6 times a day, 7 days a week!!

  4. Just to add a serious reply conventional dead lift and low bar squats.

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