Finding a trainer/mentor/coach whatever you want to call it.

  1. Finding a trainer/mentor/coach whatever you want to call it.

    Quick question for you guys.

    I'm of the belief that surrounding yourself with those that are of a higher level than you are those you want mentoring/training you so that you reach new levels as fast as possible. And this is something I've found universal in every facet of life so far; Self Development, Business, Academia, etc.

    So question for you guys is how do you go about finding someone to help you get to the next levels of your physique? So far I've found my current mentors online and have then gone and done and still involve myself in training seminars, live coaching, business building, private forums, and more. I really only have so much time during the week that I'm not traveling or helping host business/charity events so I don't see anyway I can hit every gym within a reasonable radius in hopes of finding someone.

    And I'm also hoping this question isn't too far-fetched and also hope this question is in the right

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