Just Lift - First AM log

  1. Just Lift - First AM log


    This is my first post over on AM and I wanted to start by making a log. I've been a member on other boards for years but decided to make the jump to AM after using their mobile app and checking out the forums. I like what I see and look forward to being a part of the community.

    My log will track my workouts, nutrition and supplementation, as I get back in the game from a long layoff. I haven't lifted seriously in 18 months due to shoulder surgery, my wedding, and moving into a new house.

    Age - 26
    Weight: 172
    History: HS and College Football, Lifting since 14
    Supps: At the very least - Multi, BCAA's, Whey, Casein, Creatine, Fish Oil, Preworkout Drink
    Long Term Goal: 185 lbs 6-7% BF
    Short Term Goal 3 Months: Get back in the gym and get my ass in shape. Maintain current weight and try my best to gain some strength back

    Diet: Clean as possible based around eggs,chicken,lean beef/turkey, veggies, brown rice, oats, sweet potato, etc.
    Macros: Will change as I go along but the base right now...
    185g protein
    230g carbs

    Split: 5 Day
    Day 1: Chest/Tri
    Day 2: Legs/Bi
    Day 3: Off
    Day 4: Shoulder/Traps
    Day 5: Back
    Day 6: Off
    Day 7:Repeat

    Will make tweaks as I go along.

    Repost after tonights first workout.


  2. great long term goal. good luck paco

  3. First logged workout in the books - shoulder felt great! Just to clarify, I have been lifting since January but very sporadically.


    Cuff complex
    1 set db shoulder press

    DB Shoulder Press 4x10,10,8, 7- 40, 45, 50, 45
    DB Lateral Raises 4x10,10,8,8 - 20
    Face Pulls 4x10,10,10,10 - 70,70,80,80
    Lying Pull-ups 2x10 - 25 lb weight on chest
    Superset w/
    Cable Behind Back Lateral Raises -25 lb

    DB shrugs 5x20x50lb

    Notes: shoulder felt great but traps still are a but sensitive. I just need to take it easy on weight and will be fine.

    Meal 1: Eggs, Oats,Multi
    Meal 2: chicken breast, wheat toast
    Meal 3: Whey / 45 min after preworkout shake
    Meal 4: post workout shake
    Meal 5: chicken, asparagus, sweet potato
    Meal 6: casein

    Will start to break down macros tomorrow...

    Tomorrows workout - back! It's good to be in the gym again.

  4. Good luck. How tall are you?

  5. Welcome to the best forums out there and good luck!!

  6. Bit of a layoff - shoulder acted up but felt good on Sunday and will lift today.

    Sundays workout - chest/tri's

    Warmup - Cuff Complex

    BB Flat Bench 1Set -135x10, 3 sets - 155x8
    DB Incline Bench-4 sets 10,10,8, 7 - 40,45,50,50
    Cable Flyes 3x10x 50
    DB Flat Flyes 3x10 - 25,30,30

    CG Bench - 3x10 - 105, 115, 125
    Rope Press down - 3x10 - 90, 100, 100
    Reverse Grip Press down 3x10 - 70

    Notes : chest is my weakest area by far since my surgery. I'm just focused on good form and being careful. The weight will come.

    Today's - legs/bis

  7. Hows it going? Still working at it?

  8. Welcome to the boards! Logs are a great way to stay motivated and to have some accountability. Keep an eye out, I'll be starting a promo soon for a chance to log our preworkout Powermax. Be sure to enter!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  9. Been slacking with posts - back on track and still training. Feeling good and definitely getting some endurance back.


    Seated DB Press 5x15(wu),10,8,8,7 - 30,40,40,40,40
    DB Side Laterals 3x10x25
    Face Pulls 4x10x70
    Behind Back Cable Lateral 3x10x25
    ss w/
    Bent Over DB Lateral3x10x25

    DB Shrug 4x10x40

    Cardio: Jump Rope Intervals 12 min

    Grabbing some dinner and hitting the hay early... hitting the hills for some cardio at 5 am.

    Tomorrow: Back

  10. Great workout - trying to log more. Been working a crazy amount of hours.

    BB Flat Bench 4x 135(10),155(10),155(8), 155(7)
    DB Incline Bench-4x 50(10), 55(8), 55(8), 50(8)
    Hammer Partial Bench Reps** 3x50(10)
    Cable Flyes 3x 50(10), 55(10), 60(8)

    EZ Bar Skull 3x 50(12), 60(10), 60(10)
    Angle Bar Pressdown 3x 100(12), 110(10), 120(8)

    Jump Rope 10 min interval

    **Working on the bottom portion of my bench. Ever since the labrum surgery its still struggling to gain strength. Partials have worked for me before. Definitely feeling a bit more endurance than the past few weeks. Feels good to be seeing some results again after such a long layoff.


    TONIGHT'S MEAL - Chicken, Brown Rice Risotto w/ Mushrooms


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