My training log any advice or tips is welcomed :)

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  1. Yes I know I always lift explosively and do power cleans and jerks and sprints ect I'm bulking to get the strength

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jo1054 View Post
    Yes I know I always lift explosively and do power cleans and jerks and sprints ect I'm bulking to get the strength
    I figured: just words of caution from a coach who often sees small, athletic throwers out-toss the big beefy boys.

  3. If you are serious about your throwing goal, then I might focus on one goal, (even some actual throwing coaching) instead of jumping all around. It does not appear like you are really staying focused on one specific goal!?

    Quote Originally Posted by jo1054 View Post
    1st day of smolov squat routine I set my max percentage a little slow I think at 405lbs but it seemed to work well I had to struggle on my sets
    Personally, I admire your zealousness but I think you might be starting that pretty high if you are already fighting the reps/sets!?
    That is a pretty demanding routine.
    I did a Smolov dead program a year or so back and had to modify it back the heavy days down to once per and made lighter speed work or medium squatting a 2nd day. The 3rd day almost got eliminated.
    Adding the below program alongside the squatting, might have to be rethought IMO.

    I'm also starting a deadlift and power clean program
    Hopping to hit 450 on squat and 425 on dead lift and 215 on power clean at the end of June or in 4 weeks

  4. Yea I had to modify it to doing it only 3 days a week so I can recover enough been sawing good results in my squat been able to get all the sets and reps on the days I do

    And I am the little guy who out throws the big guys lol one time a huge guy 6 foot 6 came had about 350 bench and 550 squat and I out threw him by about 10 feet

  5. Getting stronger in all my lifts but my bench press is still lagging at 195 I can't seem to be able to rep it 5x yet And I been stuck on it for about 3 weeks or so why is it

    My decline bench has gone up to repping 205 for about 4x for 5 sets
    My push press/jerk maxed out at 250lbs
    Incline is going up at 165 now


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