off training for 3-4 weeks

  1. off training for 3-4 weeks

    Hello guys, I have a serious problem over here. The exam period starts in a week so I won't have time for workout splits or going to the gym either. I've got an EZ bar and a couple of dumbbells (I can adjust the weight). The problem is I should not push myself to the limits nor exhaust my body because those exams are the final one and I will carry those grades for my whole life (f$#@$ing system) .So could you please give me some advice for a full body workout to maintain my gains. I will still eat clean and I will take whey protein bcaas and multis.I need to find a solution asap!
    I'm 6"2
    210 lbs
    Been training for 2 years
    I don't count macros
    That's me 8 months ago

  2. I'm not sure how much you would really loose if you keep that diet in check. Then again I'm no professional. After a surgery I was away for approx 4 weeks. The week I went back to training it was rough but that 2nd week it was like nothing ever happened. Same thing with my co-worker. He was down for 3 weeks due to illness. His 2nd week back he was lifting like before and his endurance was back. Everyone is different but you appear to be in such good shape already I would like to think you will be fine.

  3. I used to be really fat and I'm really worried about getting back some of the fat if I don't exercise at all and stop cardio, maybe I should do the six pack shortcut thing: P but I'll keep the reps low and I won't do the jumping part. Basically the movement is deadlift then over head press and repeat. I'll add some pushups (all kinds) and some pull ups and I will do it twice a week. What do you think guys?
    That's me 8 months ago

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