i just had a question...i had been doing each muscle group 1x a week for a long time and currently doing shortcut to size program and right after i dont know if i should do a routine to hit each muscle 2x a week or a 4 day split. if i was doing a a routine to work out each muscle 2x a week which i feel is the best thing to do especially cause i never did it before im going to do 3on-1off-3on with different reps for the first first set off 3 on days and the second set so should i do a push pull legs or i was thinking chest/tri back/bi legs/shoulders...i would do PPL but at football we hit legs 2x a week but i don't do any upper body their so if i would do legs at the gym i would only do like 3 exersises so i thought maybe i could do them with shoulders. any advice