Weight gain help

  1. Weight gain help

    I'm a 25 year old male, who's been lifting for 5 years religiously. I'm 6'1, 195, 8-10% bf. so here's the deal:

    I've been eating 5,000 calories, 300 gs protein, and 650 carbs a day for about a months. And it's all healthy. I drink a gallon of water a day. I've just started taking creatine for a week, 10gs monohydrate a day. And I started halodrol 8 days ago, with 50mg a day, and started 75mg a day today. I'm also taking animal pak, and animal m stak which is a "non hormonal anabolic supplement". I'm training harder than ever, but the thing is, I haven't gained a pound in over 3 months. 3 months! I'm doing everything right, eating, training, even halodrol. I have a bodybuilding style training plan, 6-12 rep range, 5 day split. And I changed all my exercises about a month ago too. But I have nothing to show for my hard work. What's the deal with that?!

    Thanks everyone, I'm eager to hear your input

  2. How are you measuring your calories consumed? There could be errors in the calculations. Also are you doing any cardio or excess cal expenditure during the day?

  3. Myfitnesspal helps log calories pretty well if that's a concern

  4. 1) What Peter said. Make sure you're counting that **** right. If you aren't gaining=eat more. Cut back on cardio such as running. Make sure you get adequate rest.
    2) Animal Stak sucks. Once you run out, grab a better multi.
    3) Scaling back your training could actually help. The body grows from rest
    4)10g creatine is unnecessary. Scale it back to 5g
    5) M-Stack and a prohormone?
    6) I wouldn't advocate using any exogenous hormones until you've figured your diet out.
    7) Screw 'clean foods.' I'm not saying pig out on McDonalds, but get some fatty red meat in ya and some potatoes.
    8 ) People are going to ask if you're taking any cycle support supplements and a SERM in your PCT. Prepare to be flamed most likely if you don't have those items.
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  5. Regarding fitnesspal - people guesstimate their portion size which might lead him to believe he is hitting 5000 cals when in fact he is not.

    I should know...happened to me.

  6. Do you eat any fats?

  7. When I said I eat clean, I basically meant no greasy or bad fats. I eat lots of red meat, eggs, chicken, etc. I don't eat a ***** vegan diet, or anything like that. I have plenty of dairy, and plenty of good fats. And I have nolvadex for serm and vital labs cycle assist. When should I expect weight gain from the halodrol?

  8. Where are your good fats coming from?
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  9. Simple...you aren't eating enough to surplus the calories you are expending. You need to pick up the cals and start lifting heavy complex lifts: squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and bench press. There is no mystery here. My 21 yr old son just put 20 lbs on since December doing exactly this and he takes a multi vitamin and 5g of creatine. Oh yeah..he eats like there is no tomorrow too.
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  10. More creatine wont hurt.

  11. 2 cents...

    Are you or have you gained any strength in the squat, deads, BP's or rows over this 3 month period? (If you are only concentrating more on upper body exercises and mostly pushing, which uses a small amount of the actual body's mass, then I can probably understand why this is happening.)
    If so, you may be replacing some BF with actual lean tissue, so it is hard to see on the scale. Also, if you are, then keep at it and size will slowly come. Even if it is a #2-#5 pound gain, (which does not sound like much), sit down and try to eat #5 pounds of hamburger. That is a lot of beef.
    Next, if you are "not" gaining overall BW, then I might agree with AZMIDLYF that you are most likely only eating enough to maintain the needs of building and energy you are using up and not getting a surplus of calories.

    Can you list the staple foods you use and the quantities in which you eat them?
    That may give us some more insight.

    Personally, I would not look for the supplements to do miracles. Lots of good fresh foods will be the best route IMO.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    More creatine wont hurt.
    I also don't believe there's any evidence that more will help. Once you reach saturation levels, more is simply a waste. 5 g is pretty widely regarded as the standard maintenance dose to reach and keep saturation.


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