SRS Question about overtraining

  1. Exclamation SRS Question about overtraining

    Hi guys

    I didn't believe it was possible to over train, recently I have been trying to put on mass

    current stats:
    float between 210-220 pounds
    BF around 12-16%

    My training has consisted of a four day split

    This Rotation is done 6 days a week
    The workload consists of 3 exercises per body part with 4-5 working sets @ 8-12 Reps 1.30-2min rest

    My diet is OK, not perfect but macros are pretty close and calories are between 3.5-4k per day. 8-10 hours sleep

    Here's the problem I have been doing this for approx 8 weeks and now my lifts have stopped increasing, I feel tired ALL the time and started even feeling what I assume is depressed (lack of motiviation, questioning why I'm working out etc)

    My supplements are standard
    Fish oil
    Multi vit
    and a pre-workout, using craze atm.

    Now my question is has anyone ever been through this, any suggestions? Should I cut my workload back? I'm at a loss and afraid that this may kill the progress I've made, which isn't to bad I've hit a PB on squats and bench.

  2. do a deload week, come back and let us know.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ProtocolJ View Post

    Now my question is has anyone ever been through this, any suggestions?
    You're kidding right!?
    Okay, I had to ask that. Everyone who has ever worked out seriously will encounter plateaus at one time or another.
    That said, has everything stalled, or just lifts you were really interested in doing?
    The reason I ask is, lots of times you may reach a point in a lift or 2, ie: BP's or OHP's, where gains halt in both strength and mass, but you may still have room in say squats or deadlifts (if you do those!?)
    You can, as "asooneyeonig" says, hit a deload week and come back and see what happens in a week or 2 and or, still push if there are lifts that are moving up and milk everything from a cycle before regrouping, lowering the weights and intensities and starting another run/cycle. Eating enough can come into play also.
    As Dan John has said, Everything works, for about 6 weeks, then nothing seems to work.
    Most likely, you will begin to gain again, when it is fun and you are not dreading the work and your body is ready for another more intense wave.

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