Cardio On Leg Day?

  1. Cardio On Leg Day?

    Does anyone do cardio on leg day?

  2. Not I

  3. If leg day falls on a day when I go to the gym and not lift at home and the other guys wanna do sled work, than yes. I do. Doesnt happen often.

    I will do 100 swings on leg days more often and I guess that is cardio.

    Anymore I think of conditioning and not just cardio. Its something to make me a better lifter and work my heart. Which can be accomplished when lifting as well.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Maybe a short bout of cardio but it is much earlier in the day.

  5. Sometimes. It's usually just some sprint challenge on a stationary bike, though, never something like running which would impede recovery.
    Check your form:

  6. sometimes my leg training will be dragging a sled loaded with plates till I cant go any further

    but if im doing a traditional leg workout, I cant imagine needing or wanting to do cardio after. Your leg training should be taxxing enough that you dont feel like you could do cardio!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by JoeBrooklyn View Post
    Does anyone do cardio on leg day?
    I refuse to do steady state on legday because my preferred machine for cardio is the tread mil. Walking on an incline is awesome. Stair stepper is awesome. I feel the cardio helps recovery. I must tell you to eat more to sustaine your physique while bulking to support your cardio habbit.cardio will help you stay fit and lean when gaining weight so its still important . Split them even. Early morning leg training plus night walk is my favorite.
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  8. I do same thing I always do after my lifts unless I ride my bike to the gym. 15 minutes , 4.5 mph walk , steepest incline on treadmill. I feel I recover better then when I dont do it. I hate steady state cardio unless it outdoor bike riding. Otherwise it's Boooooooring. I'd rather ride my bike in 30 degree weather 15 miles then any steady state cardio on an indoor machine.


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