Mens physique workout routine

  1. Mens physique workout routine

    Hey I am 20 years old 5'8 165 and 9% fat.. Next summer I would like to compete in mens physique. This would be my first competition so any competition advice would be awesome! I have always done standard 4 or 5 day splits but I have noticed that most of the physique competitors use a 6 day split... So my goal is to gain as much weight as possible before my final cut so here's my split rough draft..
    Monday- front of body(chest abs quads biceps)
    Tuesday-back of body(back shoulders triceps hamstrings calves)
    Wed-abs cardio
    Friday- legs
    Saturday-arms calves shoulders
    I will be going pretty heavy on the compound exercises and then going for 12 reps on iso movements
    Any suggestions on this split or advice about the competitions and what the judges look for thanks guys!

  2. kind of a weird split... not that thats a bad thing...

    What do the exercises look like for Monday/tuesday?

    just seems like there would be a lot of overlap

    also, 6 days a week is a lot, i think maybe a little less volume....
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  3. Monday
    Db bench
    Incline db bench
    Front squats
    Leg extensions
    Seated bicep curls
    Ez bar curls
    Ab circuit of 3 exercises
    Pull ups or pull downs
    Bb or db row
    Shoulders: military press
    Hams: leg curl
    Calves: superset of 2 calve exercises
    Triceps:close grip bench
    Press downs
    And I want to make sure I hit calves,shoulders, chest and arms twice a week because that's what I hear the judges are usually looking for

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