Any physical therapist out there??

  1. Any physical therapist out there??

    I was recently in a MVA, I fractured my c7. I also incurred a small fracture in one place in my lumbar, I also busted a blood vessel on my spine and pinched nerves in my neck after a cervical infusion surgery, i currently have to wear a c- collar for at least three weeks, i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on some physical therapy i can do at home, because i lack the insurance to go to a sports rehab, and also how long before i can weight train, or if i should even to any type if exercises while still in the c- collar i still have staples in my back from surgery i was in otherwise excellent shape the doc's said thats why my injuries weren't significantly worse. I'm anxious to get active again WHAT DO I DO! Please help!

  2. This is one of those times you do not want to skimp on the therapy as you will have long lasting effects on your body, and you need to have a PT supervise your treatment and recovery. You are conservatively looking at a 6-12 month recovery time. I'm not going to say anything else, as I want to encourage you to seek therapy, but in general expect to wear your collar for 8-12 weeks. You won't be moving your neck for a long time, you will probably begin therapy in about a month, your neck will still be immobilized. These are guestimate time frames based on what I've seen personally, of course listen to your Orthopedic Doctor.

    Forget about lifting for a while, concentrate on getting healthy first. If I understand correctly you had surgery on your thoracic/lumbar spine? No BLT, bending, lifting, twisting, same goes for the neck..your orthodoc should have reviewed this with you...don't know if you are getting a back brace it depends on the doctor..some people need the tactile cueing to help them stay compliant with the movements they are supposed to avoid.

    For at least 3 months..wear your brace. Do exactly what your surgeon and PT says. This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but this is a process, there are no shortcuts..I wish you the best of luck with your recovery.
    PT, DPT, OCS Clinical Residency

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