Time to shred

  1. Time to shred

    Alright it's time to start cutting weight I've got the insanity cardio workout it's appr. 36 mins long any suggestions on when I should do it like before my workout or after or should I do it by itself and workout later. I'm working out late at night and gonna take it with me since there a place to do it a gym. Jus curious which time

  2. I feel morning after you wake is a great time to do cardio. Or after your lifting is done.

  3. Ok I did it after I finished chest it was awesome thx bro for your input.

  4. Do cardio sessions at another time for sure! I'm a smoker.. which isn't a good thing, but mainly a weightlifting guy. I realized that when I hit the weights, and then attempt to do cardio, I burnt out all my energy already! I know me being a mild smoker isn't helping any, however when I do cardio like 8 hours before my workout, I can add another 30 minutes of cardio. Just saying, if you split weight training and cardio up, you will have a better cardio workout which is what you want.

  5. Cool thx for info

  6. I always like doing cardio as a second seperate W.O usually at the end of the day to spike calory burn before my last meal of the day. Im more or an Endo/meso body style. Being as big as you are I would say having a clean diet mixed with a seperate cadio session will rip you up for summer for sure
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  7. Awesome thx


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