Any suggestions for training during shot put season?

  1. Any suggestions for training during shot put season?

    Track season has kicked off and as usual I want to over train. I practice every day of the week except for meet day, meet days will generally be on Tuesdays. I would still like to retain my strength (I enjoy powerlifting) but do not want to over train myself. Does anyone have any suggestions on programming, I can still lift after practice. I would prefer if they were short around 45 minutes so I have time for home work, thanks guys.

  2. What about something like Dan John's, One Lift A Day program or say...

    Day 1
    Clean & press (so you get some explosive moves)

    Day 2

    You could get thru those in 45 mins

  3. I'm really surprised they do not have you lifting and do not have some sort of block periodized training program for you during the season. Power is so important shot performance, and the only way you are going to build or retain power is by training it. You should be aiming for mini peaks in power and performance prior to each big competition with a final large peak for the championships.

    I think Paul's suggestion above is a good idea if all you have time for is two lifts per week.

    Jason Cholewa, Ph.D., CSCS

  4. Alright thanks guys!

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