Hey guys,
I'm gonna start PHAT tomorrow and I need some advice on power days. I came up with 2 templates, can you tell me which one would be better? Thank you

Template 1:

Upper Power

◦Incline DB Press 4x5
◦Pendlay Rows 4x5
◦Military Press 4x5

Lower Power
◦Squats 4x5
◦Deadlifts/SLDLs 4x5

Template 2:

Upper Power

◦Pendlay Rows 3x5
◦Flat DB Press 3x5
◦Incline DB Press 2x6-10
◦Weighted Pull-ups 2x6-10
◦Military Press 3x5-8

Lower Power
◦Squats/Deadlifts 3x5 (switch ever 2-3 weeks)
◦Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3x5-8
◦Leg Press 2x6-10

Thank you