Severe pain in quads during lunges?

  1. Severe pain in quads during lunges?

    Not the leg you step forward and push back with, but the "back" leg.

    I get a SEVERE tearing pain in my quad just above the knee. It always goes away after about 30 seconds, but I'm unable to do the lunges because it happens as soon as I try again.

    This is very strange, anyone know what it might be?

    Feels impossible to work through the pain, feels like I literally tearing something.

  2. not sure what could be causing it but i would do something else if its causing pain

  3. What did Dr Vinnie Boombatz say to his patient...
    Rodney: Doc it hurts when I do dis!?!?
    Doc: Den don't do dat.

    All kidding aside, maybe they just aren't for you, or the way you may be hyper extending the quad, is not proper for you!?

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