5x5 routine, getting stronger while getting leaner?

  1. 5x5 routine, getting stronger while getting leaner?

    Alright, so i've been dieting and doing lots of HIIT cardio, but my routine is like this

    On all compound movements i do 3 explosive reps for a set of 5 so:
    Push press 3x5
    Deadlift 3x5
    squats 3x5
    bench press 3x5

    Not all in one day though, it's a 4 day split and after the power reps I usually do other lifts for sets of 4, two sets will be 4-8 reps, heavy and two lighter but lifted explosively for 15-20.

    I do this because I enjoy explosive power, as it fits in with well with other hobbies of life, but I also enjoy bodybuilding a tight balance to attempt lol.

    For a diet, I just run low carb 150g a day, get clean calorie sources etc.

    Now: I'm thinking about getting on madcows 5x5 routine again because I want to gain more strength and lately I've stalled with doing so (Yes I know it's hard while cutting) but i've had success with mad-cows while cutting prior, but I never did the HIIT cardio along with it

    I also wanted to do power cleans, overhead squats and front squats, but I know those aren't in madcows 5x5 protocol..

    any advice or strength gaining routines (really trying to increase my deads) other than mad cows or whats your opinion on my current training?


  2. 5x5 texas method

  3. SL 5x5 starting strength, madcows..any 5x5 is good

  4. i would also add in BB rows

  5. If you lose BW slowly #1-#2 a week maybe, you can hang onto to more, or gain more strength while dropping and depending on where you are in overall potential and level of experience towards time in gym. If the weight loss is quicker, you tend to lose some lean tissue as well and it can show up as strength loss, fluids in muscles etc. etc.

    How does you DL compare to your other lifts?



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