45+ and strength

  1. 45+ and strength

    I can look back to my 20's and remember some "old timers"(over 40) in the gym telling me they had huge strength gains in there early 40's and that between 35-45 you would be at your strongest!!!! Being an old timer now myself I would have to agree!!
    A friend of mine that is a strength coach totally agreed with that statement. When I asked him how this was possible with all modern studies showing lowering testosterone and HGH in aging men?? His reply in a nutshell: experience !! aka: lifting technique and muscle density if you have lifted most of those yrs. So my reason for writing this is to let those young guys who are in the gym to be patient. The best is yet to come and get a book on Kinesiology!! Best thing I ever did back then!!!!! Study proper form and body mechanics. You will last longer in this game!!

  2. That's why it's called old man strength ;-)

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