Broad Jump and Vertical help

  1. Broad Jump and Vertical help

    Anyone have any personal favorite's when it comes to exercises that increase both the broad and vertical jump? I have a physical test in about a month so I want to be on point when the time comes. Thanks! Also: spare me the "google it bro" nonsense, I have but I am looking for first hand personal experience.

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  2. Cleans for the vertical jump.

    Kettle bell swings, band resisted hip pull throughs for the broad jump.

    Good mornings for both.

    Plyometrics. A lot of good video's from my log: Its about dominance

  3. Power cleans and power snatches are most definitely your best bet.

    Max effort box jumps and basically any exercise that works the hip extensors. Squats, deads, RDLs, hip thrusters, I mean the list is almost endless. Also maybe you could vertical jump and broad jump for high reps to get your technique down. Plyos are nice but that's more for sport-specific agility and do little if anything for raw jumping power other than help activate fast twitch fibers.

  4. awesome, thank you both

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  5. how about tire flips? I know that is similar to a clean.

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by DV663 View Post
    how about tire flips? I know that is similar to a clean.

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    They most certainly develop full-body power required for explosive movements. Make the tire, prowler, and sled your best friends and it won't be long until you're a horse.

  7. Glute-ham raises. When done correctly, they incorporate the calves as well, which will really help with the triple extension needed for jumping
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