Maxing out...

  1. Maxing out...

    So I have a max out competition with a buddy of mine on Monday. What do you guys do in prep for maxing out. I need tips for getting as much weight as possible. It's a 1 rep max. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!!!!

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    What do you guys do in prep for maxing out.
    Do you mean days before etc., or the actual lead up in the gym to the 1RM?

  3. Either, just anything to help me bench the most. I only have 1 day until we do it so I don't have a lot of time to prep.

  4. The best easiest thing to do is lead up with slow increases, without getting too taxed as you approach the max.
    Example appraoch...
    #Empty bar x10-12
    #135x5 warmups
    #345x1 New PR

    What lift is it? I am assuming the BP!?

    Just make jumps that are manageable but not near maxes.
    Start making maybe #50 jumps near or at wrmups then drop down to #20's then maybe #10's If you see the last rep go up, but go up slowly, make your next attempt with only 2-1/2 pounds!?

    If you like coffee, have a good cup of joe, about a 1/2 hour or so before LOL

  5. Not that it matters but... carb and sodium load the night before for future reference.

    Learn valsalva as well Lol



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