How to maintain low fat levels with less cardio and more lifting?

  1. How to maintain low fat levels with less cardio and more lifting?

    By December 2012 I was about 190lbs.

    I dropped to 170lbs by February.

    I did this by intense cardio 3-4 times a week along with a strict diet.

    I'm signing up to a gym to bulk up but will have to reduce cardio and increase calories (obviously with healthy foods)

    How can I keep slim and ripped? Will the 4 weight sessions (approx 1hr each) I aim to do weekly burn it off?
    I want to do some cardio on the weekends (sat + sun)?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

  2. You cannot bulk up without gaining a little bit of fat. The best way is either 1. Lean bulk with clean foods only with a small 200-300 calorie surplus. Or 2. You could recomp. This includes eating a calorie surplus on lifting days and have a 200-300 calorie deficient .

    Either way you will gain a little bit of fat and lean bulking is slower than just dirty bulking. Going slow will make sure you don't hold on to excess fat as well.

  3. if you wanna bulk learn to eat a LOT! and learn to take of your girlfriends pants, put your big boy pants on and eat a LOT!

    seriously, at 6'2" and 170. thats small. heck, i am small at 195 at 5'10".

    lets go of this example of something i use with clients all the time. starting at 5ft a male with an average frame should be around 106lbs with a 2-4% variance. for every inch taller add 6lbs. so at 6'2" a starting point would be 190 with a variance of 183-197. you are below even that. and for those that wanted to gain lots of muscle and/or strength it was usually on the low side. those that want to pack on muscle i would push up all numbers 5-10%. so that would be 200-210 for you.

    even if we went on the low side of what i suggested you are 13lbs under weight. and 13lbs of muscle will take you quite a while to gain. so you may be in this for the lone haul. so eat big, lift big, and sleep big.

    to make you feel much better, if you are getting fat again while eating everything you can to become bigger, then your workout probably sucks in that your intensity, volume, and frequency are all messed up, you probably are not sleeping enough, and your dietary choices, even if you are eating the right macronutrients, are bad. like not enough veggies, fruits, real good and not processed food especially too many supplements.

    not trying to be harsh. but i have just seen waaaay to many guys shed a lot of fat, congrats BTW, and then freak out when they want to bulk and cant. they eat like a 12yr old girl and cant figure out what they are doing wrong.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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