Training coming off a PS, PH, cycle

  1. Training coming off a PS, PH, cycle

    Of course when your on a cycle your training patterns change because of muscle gains. For instance when I came off my cycle of M1T I was training and still am training the same way when I was on, 6 days a week 1hour a day.

    mon. Back
    tue. Shoulders
    wed. Biceps, abs
    thurs. Chest
    fri. Triceps, abs
    sat. Legs

    I dont have a constant soreness that is custom with overtraining, I still feel good pumps and have good lifts. Any help?

  2. Damn give yourself some rest brother! You'll need it once you finish PCT and your body doesn't have any androgens to keep up w/ that workout

    Here are two basic 3/4 day splits

    Day 1 - Chest Shoulders Tris
    Day 2 - Back Bis Abs
    Day 3 - Legs

    What does your current rep/set range look like?

  3. i do 4-5 excercises per body part, 3 sets per, reps 8,8,6

    its not very complicated but its been working for me, i have only lost 2lbs from my M1t cycle that i took in october

  4. Please dot not degrade this forum with advice from that fraud.

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