My Routine - Your thoughts on it? CHEERS

  1. My Routine - Your thoughts on it? CHEERS

    Day 1:
    10x4 Dumbbell Rows
    10x4 Lat Pulldowns
    10x4 Rear delt flyes
    10x4 Barbell curls
    10x4 Dumbbell curls

    Day 2:
    10x4 incline bench press
    10x4 Incline Dumbbell press
    10x4 Shoulder Press
    10x4 Side lat raises
    20x3 Dumbbell shrugs

    Day 3:

    Day 4:
    05x5 Squats
    20x3 Leg Press
    20x3 Leg Curls
    10x4 Dumbbell Kickbacks
    10x4 Tricep pulldowns

    So what you think?

  2. Goals?
    Not sure what you are trying to obtain, but in all honesty, I do not think it is very efficient, especially if you are trying to get, stronger, bigger and more fit!?

  3. is that 10 sets of 4, or are you writing like russians do and its 4 sets of 10?

    at what percentage are these weight done? what is your cycle progression plan, if there is one?

    what are your goals from doing this workout?

    why not use a proven program?

    you have this many sets per body part, based upon the assumption that you mean 4 sets of 10 with 10x4:
    back - 8
    biceps - 16
    chest - 8
    shoulders - 16
    triceps - 20
    traps - 7
    quads - 8
    hammies - 8
    so the smallest groups have the most sets. seems kind of backwards to me.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Don't try and invent your own program, use a proven one and follow it to the letter. Once you have lots of experience you can tweak and modify a bit, but going by the program you came up with, and the fact your asking questions about it, your not there yet.

  5. And for gods sakes do deadlifts.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by boogyman View Post
    And for gods sakes do deadlifts.
    Clappy hands ^^^^

    I know I am bias towards this lift, but this is a "king lift" especially if you are more built to pull

  7. Dead lifts+food=bigger and fitter.


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