Can someone comment on my training split?

  1. Can someone comment on my training split?

    Wednesday-Back and core
    Saturday- Bicep and tricep

    *** I cannot work my legs for a while because of a cortical defect in my knee***

  2. I don't know anything about your knee issue. If a doc says you can't workout legs then so be it I suposse? It's also hard to comment on your split as you haven't listed what exercises you will use, your rep scheme, weight progression, ect Arm days are completely pointless. Replace that day with back if anything. You could also do a upper/lower split as well. What are your goals?

    edit: disregard upper/lower if you honestly can't do legs. maybe push/pull instead
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  3. ^ agreed. Based on what you listen my only advice would be to move shoulders later into the week because certain chest workouts can really stress your shoulders. So back to back stress days on the shoulder can possibly lead to injury down the road. I know personally I like to hit shoulders at least 2-3 days apart from chest.

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  4. please list out exercises, how many sets, how many reps, at what percentage of max for the sets, and any progression plan for your workout please. without that we cant answer your question well at all. this does remind me of a post i once saw. it is like asking whether a blonde or a brunette is hotter without showing pics of either and no other information on height, weight, etc.

    you are working chest twice and back once a week. if the volume and intensity are the same each workout then i would reverse that and do back twice as much. especially with the back having so many muscles (traps, spinal erectors, lats, etc) when compared to the chest (pecs). thats one thing to change with the tiny bit of information you have given us.
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