I am totally clueless

  1. I am totally clueless

    So I have been an athlete for years and I am finally done playing. Now that I am done I am looking to get cut. The problem is I have no idea how!! I've spent the last 7 years lifting to gain size and strength. But I am tired of carrying around so much unneeded weight. I know dieting plays a big part and I already have met with a nutrition now I just need to get the lifting part inorder. Hence why I am here asking for help. I am in the 10-12% body fat range and am looking to get into single digits. What do I need to do? What should my reps and set range look like? How many different exercises for I do for each muscle group? Should I be doing circuit training? Super Sets? PLease help

  2. Haha, hey join the crowd. A few things I have learned by accident over the years.
    Dieting and or food intake is gonna be the most important thing in losing fat mass, but really, the slower you lose it, the more lean mass you will keep and just lose mainly BF. If losses are to quick, one can lose maybe 35%-45% lean tissue mass along with BF.
    As far as rep ranges etc., it was always more higher rep multi sets, back in the day, 3-5 sets 8-12 rps, but it certainly may vary among certain genetic types. (whether or not you have a propensity to be lean or thick!?)
    Of course again bigger compound exercises working the largest muscle groups and building/burning/ better hormone release etc. and as much energy will produce and or elicit the biggest body changes, ie: 3 sets of squats or clean & presses, will do much more than 7 sets of curls or tri kick backs. Cardio work thru the week cannot hurt either.
    Hope that sheds some light!?

    BTW, what did you play?

  3. keep lifting to get big and diet down. get on a plan though. the current fad diets are carb backloading and intermittent fasting.

    for years i have been telling people to carb cycle and calorie cycle which is similar to the above diets. basically minimize carbs to only post workout. eat more on workout days and less on non workout days. oh and fat is good! eat fatty meats not lean. you still need some calories so get it via the fat.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Be happy to help you out if you would like by setting you up with a diet specifically for you and your goal. Feel free to in box me and we can go from there
    Broser Built Athlete www.broserbuilt.com

  5. Paulblack, is that 3-5 sets per exercise or per body part. and i played football

  6. Quote Originally Posted by whosurmama View Post
    Paulblack, is that 3-5 sets per exercise or per body part. and i played football
    Well if you are using the compounds ie: squats, BP's, OHP's, deads, rows, then 1-2 warms then 3-5 work sets
    On your iso exercises arms, calves, abs, etc. then you can add in another 3-5 sets there.
    Again, it is going to be more the diet and don;t get impatient. Try losing only 1-3 a week if that. The slower you lose it, the more lean mass and strength you can most likely hang onto.
    Make it a fun ride, not work you put a date or limit on.
    Lastly remember, because you will be lifting, your weight on the scale may not move as uch if you are adding lean tissue, so go more by the mirror or belt loops etc, instead of just BW coming off.
    All the best on the beach this summer...!


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